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Flex At The Flex II (All-Tournament Teams)

We would like to recognize the standouts at each division for Flex at the Plex II on August 6-7, 2022.

4th Grade Boys Division

Champion- Berks Bombers 

Evan Mitstifer (Berks Bombers) 4’11 G - MVP

Mitstifer is a tall guard for age able to set up his offense and get his open teammates the ball. He can get by his defender and has great vision while working in the lane. Can finish over help defense and can get to his shots off the dribble and off ball. using screens. On defense he can guard his position well and has active hands. Mitstifer is able to rebound well and looks to push. Scoring 7 points in the championship game, Mitstifer was able to help propel his team to their long awaited chip at the Flex. 

TJ Sims (Berks Bombers) 5’4 C

Sims is dominant in the post and has patience and steady footwork with a variety on moves when in the paint. Very tall and lengthy for his age, he gets to his spots and finishes. He runs the floor very well and get out on fast breaks. Sims is also very good off the pick and roll. Sets hard screens and can roll to the basket to get easy points in the paint. Sims is a great defender and able to switch on to any position and guard them on the perimeter. Sims plays great help defense and communicates with teammates well. He is relentless on the glass with a non-stop motor. Sims will be a household name later in his scholastic career.

Jaxon Achey (Penn Playmakers) 5’3 C

Achey is a very good  big who is just getting his feet wet. Gets to his spot on the block and backs down the defender with success, likes the baby hook as a go.  Can rebound nicely on the offensive helping his team get second chance points.. Achey con also rebound well on the defensive end and get it to a guard. to push. He controls the paint on defense and rotates well when needed for help. High ceiling. 

Maikell Vargas (Reading KTB) 4’9 G/F

Vargas is a aggressive forward that can play also play the guard spot. He attacks well on the offensive side and can finish with contact or look for open teammates. Vargas has a nice pull up from midrange and connected on a few floaters. He is great on the defensive end able to guard 1-5 and can talk out screens. He is able to impact the game in multiple ways, tough kid took a few hard falls and got right back up. 

Kevin Glover (Berks Bombers) 5’0 F

Glover is a tall forward that can stretch the floor and attack. His height and length gives him the advantage in the paint and his athleticism gives him the upward advantage when driving. His aggression on defense allows him for many pass deflections allowing him for steals and easy layups in transition on the other end. He can look up and get the ball up the court quick, which is underrated at the 4th grade level. 

5th Grade Boys Division

Champion- Reading KTB

Nehzion Carter (Reading KTB) 5’4 W - MVP

Carter is a scoring wing that can attack and also knock down the three. He scored 13 points in the championship game with 3 three-pointers, leading them to a victory over the Berks Warriors. Carter can score on all levels being able to attack bigs and get by guards. His jump shot allows him to open up lanes and get open looks for his teammates. He can rebound well on both ends of the floor and shift for easy deflections and steals. 

Jamaree Snuffer (Reading KTB) 5’4 W

Snuffer is a tall athletic guard that can handle the ball very nicely despite pressure. His quick handle allows him to shift defenders and get into his mid range jump shot. Snuffer showed that he can score on all three levels with ease. Snuffer also distributed the ball very well from the lane leading to open jump shots or attacking lanes for his teammates. Snuffer’s athleticism allows for jumped passes on the defensive end and also easy rebounds. Jamaree looks to push the ball on fast breaks off of his defensive efforts .

Colin Legath (Reading KTB) 5'2 G

Legath is a pass first guard that can thread the ball through defenders. Legath displayed this on fast breaks excellently, as he can find his open teammates for easy finishes. He also distributes the ball very well in a half court set, while also looking for his knock down catch and shoot from three. Legath plays the back of the trap or the “jump man” very well being able to read the offense and jump the pass, pushing the ball, looking for the open man.

Sean Smith (Penn Playmakers) 5’8 F

There’s not many 5th graders who can look eye to eye with Smith, he has a big tall frame and has lots of growing to do. Smith has a motor that doesn’t stop, he’s a monster on the boards and is also becoming automatic finishing at the rim. On defense Smith makes the offense think twice about taking the ball inside. What’s most impressive is his ability to handle the ball in space and his ability to knock down shots outside the paint. Smith has a high-high ceiling, his brother Anthony (6’8) is a freshman playing football at the University of Minnesota. Look for Smith to continue his upward climb as a multi-sport athlete.

Nick Kozik (Berks Warriors) 5’3 G

Kozik is a scoring guard that can knock down the three at a good clipse. He can handle the ball with pressure and get up the floor calmly. Kozik plays with pace showing his change of speed and collective ball handling. He likes to attack off the dribble and get into a floater that he can get high and over bigs. Due to his length he can apply pressure on guards and able to get pick pockets with his quick hands. Kozik can get out on fast breaks for easy layups and get right back on defense where he takes pride in locking down defenders.

6th Grade Boys Division

Champion- Young Hooperz

NeChar Mercado (Young Hooperz) 5’2 G - MVP

Mercado is a quick shifty point guard. He uses his quick handle to shift the defender and get to the rim. He can finish at the rim and pull up for a quick jump shot. Mercado led Young Hooperz to a (4-0) record, managing each game by setting up the offense. Young Hooperz won every game in convincing fashion, thanks to Mercado's stellar performance. He showed he can put the ball in the basket when his team needs him to, and also get teammates involved.  Mercado is active on defense able to get quick steals and traps corners well. 

Xzavier Baker Allen (Young Hooperz) 5’5 G

Allen is an all-level scoring point guard who found success attacking, drawing the defense and dishing to his teammates creating open shots. Other then playmaking, Allen's scoring variety showed he was able to finish with both hands. pop quick mid range shots, and also knock down the three off the catch. Allen’s athletic abilities allowed for great defense pressuring the ball and running his man off the ball. Allen crashed rebonds well for his size and went coast to coast multiple times finishing through contact.

Jaxon Loper (Young Hooperz) 5’6 G

Loper makes the third Young Hooper at the 6th Grade Division for All-Tournament selections. You can see how dominant they were placing Loper alongside Mercado and Baker-Allen. Loper is a tall athletic guard that can get to the rim very well. He can attack and fish nicely leading to open looks for his teammates. Jaxon can knock down the three off the dribble and off the catch. Loper also showed that he has a great handle going down hill able to get a lane for himself. Loper can get after it on defense playing great perimeter defense and showing great hustle for rebounds.

Jay’Vien Martinez (Berks Warriors) 5’2 G

Martinez is a great passer that showed he likes to look for the open man. He displayed that his playmaking abilities are phenomenal as he was able to get the ball past defenders and to the open man. Martinez always has his head up as he gets down the lane and can get a quick finish. Martinez showcased his ability to shift on help side and easily jump passes.

Yasai Rozier ( Retro Kids Hoops) 6’0 F

Rozier is a strong, dominant forward who found success inside the paint. Rozier showcased his ability to knock down short jumpers inside the paint. Rozier showed he is never scared of contact. He elevated multiple times and finished through multiple defenders. His bigger frame allowed for Rozier to get a hand full of blocks on defense and be a brick wall in the paint. Rozier is able to run the floor and make the extra pass ahead exceptionally.

7th Grade Boys Division

Champion- Team BLM

Eshaan Tung (Team BLM) 5'8 F - MVP

Tung showed out in the championship game matched up with the Young Hooperz, With an array of blocks and deflections, Tung was able to secure the paint for Team BLM. Tung has a fluid game, easily making corner drives to reverse finishes and finding his sweet spots to get the easy two points. Tung is a lengthy forward that can cause many problems on both sides of the floor.. Tung found success in getting to the rim and finishing and also getting into a little hook shot. On defense, Tung showed that he can time his jumps and his length also helped him intercept the passing lanes, ending up in steals and easy fast break points.

Akhir Brown (Team BLM) 5’4 PG

Brown is an attacking guard that showed that he has no problem getting past the defense. Brown is very quick allowing for a shifty handle. He uses his quick first step to his advantage using his quickness to rip through and get downhill. Brown found success in this, finishing with a floater or a high running hook. Brown showcased his ability to pass the ball especially under the rim, being unselfish and making smart reads. Brown’s quickness made him great defender sliding his feet efficiently and beating his match up to their spot. 

Dom Arguelles (Young Hooperz) 5’7 G

Arguelles is an aggressive guard that showed he can score on all three levels. Arguelles showcased that he can knock the three down, score in the mid range and also get to the rim. Arguelles found success in getting out on fast breaks due to his great defensive efforts. Arguelles is an aggressive defender as he often picks up the best opposing player and plays them man to man full court. Arguelles can beat his player to the spot and shut his match up down. His aggression made pickpockets easy for him.

Diamanté Strong (Young Hooperz) 5’9 F

Strong is a strong forward that has no trouble scoring. Strong found success attacking downhill and getting to the rim where he can finish on both sides. He also showed he could slow the game down and set up his offense even under pressure. Strong aggressive play style showed on defense as he was able to lock down a good majority of his match ups and go for smart traps. Strong can run the floor very well getting out on fast breaks quick and easily.

Jack Recktenwald (Penn Playmakers) 5’10 F

Recktenwald was one of the more impressive players in the 7th grade division, although his team wasn’t able to notch a win he showed flashes of what could be a bright future. Recktenwald was able to score out of the high post against zone defenses, whether it was a foul line jumper or pump fake and two dribble drive to the rim. Also was able to pass out of the high post with defenders closing in. Soft touch and showed glimpses of an outside game. Handled ball in spurts as a forward. Defensively he was able to guard multiple positions and contested many shots. Look for him to continue to fill out his frame and add to his game. 

8th Grade Boys Division

Champion- Young Hooperz

Corell Akings (Young Hooperz) 5’10 G - MVP

Akings is a strong physical guard who doesn’t shy away from contact, especially at the rim where he finishes with an array of moves. Can score at all three levels with a smooth three-point stroke. Good rebounder at position and size, likes to mix it up on defense, usually guards opposing teams best player. High motor goes after every 50/50 ball, multi-sport athlete at Wilson (West Lawn,Pa)

Kingston McKoy (Penn Playmakers) 6’0 G

The consensus around Berks basketball community touts McKoy as one of top rising freshman in county. McKoy is almost impossible to guard one on one with an elite first step that helps him finish at rim with ease. One of few who believes in the lost art of the mid range jumper, can knock down three with consistency as well. Very good rebounder for guard, high motor. Can guard multiple positons. Will be household name for local hoops heads, entering first year at Berks Catholic (Reading, Pa)

Frankie Pujols (Team BLM) 5'6 G

Pujols is a quick, skilled guard who can blow by defenders for a bucket or can shoot from deep with high success. Can score in bunches, Pujols had scoring outputs of 28 and 20 on Saturday, can also drive and dish to open teammates. Very aggressive and scrappy on defense making offensive player frustrated at times. Will be one to watch in the Lehigh Valley hoop scene. Will be attending Catasauqua High School (Northampton, Pa)

Mike Glover (Berks Bombers) 6’0 F

Glover who played up a grade, is a tall skilled forward who looks like he can add another 4-5 inches in height. Very good at the high post where he can knock down the mid-range and can put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. Found success backing down defenders where his turnaround hook shot was successful. Good passer out of double teams where he found open teammates. Runs floor well, physical on defense. Multi sport athlete at Wilson (West Lawn,Pa)

Jaden Ware (Berks Warriors) 2026 5’10 G

Ware is a lengthy guard who found success slashing to rim of feeds from teammates and finishing at the rim. Great job handling the ball on offense despite some pressure from defense. Even keeled player never got too high or too low. Also showed ability to hit shot off dribble. Long arms helped Ware disrupt the passing lanes where he had multiple steals. Helped team to 3-1 record, with only loss coming by three. Will be attending Exeter HS (Exeter,Pa). 

JV Boys Division

Champion- Reading KTB

Madyx Gruber (Reading KTB) 2025 5’10 G - MVP

First thing that stands out for Gruber is his ability to shoot the long ball at a high clipse, quick release helps him get the shot off over longer defenders or quick close outs. There’s not a shot Gruber doesn’t like, but what was impressive most was his craftiness around the rim. Whether it’s hanging in the air and getting the ball towards the rim or his reverse layups he showed he’s not just a shooter. Gruber also took pride in defense and was up for the isolation challenges. Will be a name to keep an eye on in Berks. Multi sport athlete at Wilson (West Lawn, Pa).

Darnell Loyd (Above Xpectations) 2025 6’8 F

t’s not hard to spot Lloyd when he walks into the gym, standing at 6’8 with an equally long wing span he creates a nightmare matchup on both ends of the floor. His true impact comes on defense where Lloyd is able to block anything within a cars length from him, also cleaning up on the boards. His offense is coming along, Lloyd doesn’t necessarily demand the ball but his offense comes from offensive boards and putbacks. Has high ceiling, Lloyd shows impressive footwork on offense and is finishing consistently. The sky may not even be the limit, look for him to start gaining interest among Division I coaches. Attends Mt.Pleasant HS (Wilmington,DE)

Matt Koehler (Penn Playmakers) 2025 6’1 G

Koehler is a high IQ player who can shoot with the best, his form is second to none and can get hot quick. Multiple games with 3+ makes from deep. Not just a catch and shoot player, he has deceptive quickness and can put the ball on the floor and finish on both sides of the rim after getting past his defender. Showed he can handle the ball in space and always has his eyes up looking for the open man. Multi sport athlete at Governor Mifflin (Shillington,Pa).

Shermar Killen (Reading KTB) 2024 6’0 G

Killen is an all around player who keeps defenses on their toes, plays downhill and is tough to stay in front of. Killen can score at all three levels and when he gets a head of steam he’s someone you don’t want to be in front of. Rebounds well and finds teammates in traffic and on the break. Defensively he covers a lot of ground and can mix it up with positions 1-5. Learning to be a leader and become more vocal, he will make waves this upcoming season. Muhlenberg HS.

Ed Breazele IV (Keystone Basketball Club) 5’11 G/F

Breazele is a tough physical player who plays more like he’s 6’4 than 5’11. Likes the contact and that showed with multiple and 1 finishes and opportunities throughout the wekeend. Breazele really hones in on his defensive effort, was willing to guard any position on the floor, made the offense uncomfortable. Despite his defensive efforts he still managed to post double digit scoring totals in three of the four games. Excited to see what the future holds for this tough nosed player. Renaissance Charter (Phoenixville,Pa)

Varsity Boys Division 

Champion- Reading High School

Ruben Rodriguez (Reading High) 6’2 G - MVP

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of star guard Ruben Rodriguez. Fresh off his commitment to division 1 Rider University the all-state and 6A champion for right back to work. Rodriguez tallied 17 points in the chip game against a tough CLUTCH Elite team. Whether it’s raining from three or throwing one down on a break there’s nothing Rodriguez can’t do. What’s more impressive in his unselfishness and willingness to feed his teammate the ball and play within the system. Defensively he’s a dog and brings that 94 feet of Reading High defense. Look for Rodriguez to continue his upward trajectory for the Red Knights as he looks to bring him all three chips, county-distirct-state. Entering senior year at Reading (Reading,Pa)

Aidan Melograna (DGBA) 6’3 G/F

Melograna has a strong physique and at 6’3 cause matchup problems for defenders. At his size in Berks County one would think he’d play in the paint primarily but Melograna can shoot from deep - and he hits at an impressive rate. Melograna totaled 20+ points in multiple games this weekend with the help of the 3 ball. His junior year at Wilson showed what’s to come as he led his team with 30 three-point makes. On defense he can play high or low and is versatile enough to guard multiple positions. Entering his senior year at Wilson (West Lawn,Pa)

David Bednarcyzk (Tulpehocken) 6’1 G

Bednarcyzk is a sharp shooting guard who can pull off of the dribble for the mid-range jumper or can shoot from well behind the three-point line. Entering his senior year Bednarcyzk is just 141 points shy of 1,000 for his career. He can also handle the ball in pressure situations and does good job of seeing floor. Smart defender with active hands. Rising senior at Tulpehocken (Bernville,Pa)

Aaron Pitt (Colegium Charter) 6’0 G/F

Pitt is a strong physical guard / forward hybrid. Pitt has the physique and skill to back opponents down on the black and finish in close yet crafty enough to get past defenders on the wings and finish on drives to the basket. His size gave smaller defenders fits. Defensively Pitt was active on the boards helping stop the offense to one shot, played passing lanes and picked up multiple steals. Entering senior year at Colegium Charter (Exton,Pa)

JDaniel Mosquera (CLUTCH Elite) 5’6 G

Mosquera is a super quick and super tough guard who plays with speed and intensity that’s hard to match. Defenders blink and Mosquera is waving bye on his way to the basket where he has an array of moves around the basket. Can also knock down open shot, passing ability leads to open looks for teammates. Defensively Mosquera can pick up full court whether he’s sticking his man one on one or being the trap guy in zone presses. Leader on the floor, look for him to continue to make noise his senior year at Muhlenberg (Temple,Pa).

5th / 6th Grade Girls Division

Lady ESYC Elite

Ava Alatzas (Lady ESYC Elite) 5'3 G - MVP

Alatzas scored 7 points in the championship game for ESYC as they were able to win big over the Berks Warriors. She showed great ability to do whatever it took to get the job done. Scoring both in the mid-level and the paint, Alatzas presented a very tough matchup for opposing teams with her length and versatility at the guard spot. Look out for Alatzas and her progression as she only enters the 6th grade this fall.

Juliet Broskey (Lady ESYC Elite) 5'7 C

Broskey secured the paint all weekend for Lady Elite. Many blocked shots and deflections helped the teams rotation flow so much smoother. Standing at 5’7, Broskey was one of the tallest players out there and it really showed effective against the opponents. Her height was intimidating and she was able to secure multiple 5+ rebound games to assist in leading ESYC to a (4-0) record.

Olivia Skipper (Berks Warriors) 5’4 G

Skipper showed flashes of brilliance in her weekend with the Berks Warriors. The 5’4 guard towered over the smaller guards and showed she can play inside and out, knocking down the three which opened up her drive to the lane. Skipper showed great poise under pressure as she drew more than one defender on multiple occasions.

Maddie Martin (Berks Warriors) 5’6 F

Martin set the tone as the first group of games got underway Saturdy morning pouring in 16 points against Lady Playmakers. With good size Martin was able to control the glass and was able to keep offensive possessions alive and giving her team second and third chance points. Good finisher at the rim using able to use either side of the basket. On defense Martin was always contesting shots and getting her hand on opposing shots. Hard worker always locked in both sides of the ball. Martin has tons of potential as her offensive repertoire grows.

Lucy White (717 Hoop Dreams) 5’4 F

White was a constant for her team all weekend, scoring inside often on offense and on the defensive side holding down the paint for her squad. White was able to convert on second chance opportunities and was able to pass out of the post to teammates on the wing. Good size for 5/6 divison and ran floor well at the forward spot. With continued development White will be able to open up scoring chances and continue to be a difference maker. 

7th / 8th Grade Girls Division

Champion- Young Hooperz

Kalaini Hardy (Young Hooperz) 5’9 F - MVP

Hardy was the player of the tournament helping lead her Young Hooperz team to a victory in the championship game that went to Overtime. The Hooperz won by 2 points, but it was Hardy’s play that pushed them over the top. Hardy scored 20 points in the game, with her last 4 being the only points scored in the OT period for the Hooperz. Hardy took home multiple Player of the Game honors as her aggressiveness to the lane and her length on the defensive end stood out to all of the tournament staff.

Janai Tisdale (Young Hooperz) 5’3 G

Tisdale was a force all weekend on the defensive end of the basketball. She often took the matchup of the opposing team’s most skilled guard. Tisdale made quick rotations and was a defensive anchor for the champion Young Hooperz. Tisdale was also able to get to the basket off of ball screens and was found on slashing cuts to the rim. Tisdale can get the job done on both ends, scoring 16 points in pool play in a win over WEYAC. One of the most versatile players in the tournament, Tisdale was a standout and played every minute of every game.

Hailey Jenkins (Team BLM) 5’3 G

Jenkins is a super quick guard who can take her defender to the bucket and finish on either side of the goal, her speed has defenders playing off her and that’s when she can pull it from deep. Can score at all three levels. Great court vision helps her dot teammates running the floor, fits the basketball in tight windows for incredible assists. On defense Jenkins gets after it with her aggressivess and gives offense little to no room. Jenkins will be one to watch in the Lehigh Valley.

Bridget Martin 5’4 G (Lady Playmakers)

Martin is an all around player who does a little bit of everything. Martin played off ball most of the weekend where she was constantly moving to get open whether it was using screens or sharp v cuts to the rim. This showed as she piled up 10 points in a a narrow one-point win over a tough team BLM. Showed she can handle the ball and distribute as well. On defense she was talkative and did good job of keeping offense in front of her. Lots of potential for this rising 8th grader.

Brooklyn George (Lady Playmakers)  5’7 W

George is a do it all player who excels in all facets of the game, from her ability to score at all three levels, to passing, rebounding and playing defense. George is always looking to get her teammates involved and doesn't mind being the second or third option on offense. However in close situations George is able to get a much needed bucket in a variety of ways. Comfortable with the ball in her hands in space and in traffic. Defensively George can defend all positions and has that lead by example attitude. Just the beginning for what is going to a special player for many years.

Varsity Girls Division

Champion- NJ Aces

Number 14 (NJ Aces) - 5’6 G MVP

For the Varsity Girls, Number 14 from the NJ Aces was the talk of the tournament. She controlled the game on all facets; rebounding, assisting, scoring, and defense. The pace of the game ran through her as she was able to help her team cruise through the playoffs and championship behind her on-court leadership. The tournament staff was mesmerized by the play of Number 14. From her silky smooth scoring ability, to her understanding of when she was able to get a teammate involved for an easy basket, she gave opposing coaches nightmares on how to gameplan for her and the Aces.

Ryanna Hightower (Muhlenberg HS) 6’1 W

Hightower is a versatile wing standing at 6’1 and can defend all 5 positions. Her quick feet on the defensive side of the ball combined with her length, gave her a huge advantage over majority of the opposing players in the tournament. Hightower has a solid post game and can also knock down the three-point shot, totaling 20 3’s and 200 points last season for the Muhls. Look out for Hightower to assert herself as one of, if not the top sophomore in Berks County this upcoming winter season.

Lorelei Plasha (Tamaqua Torco) 5’10 F

Plasha and her team were in many closely contested ball games that came down to just a point or two. In those games Plasha connected on some key late game shots to help push her team into the win column. Plasha was able to finish in a variety of ways around the basket. This included a bucket with a few ticks left in a two-point win over 717 Hoop Dreams; Plasha paced her squad with 13 points. Plasha also showed a mid range shot and defensively was constantly making it hard for the offense. Fighting through screens or playing passing lanes she made just as big an impact on the defensive side as she did on the offensive side. Promising player.

Ava Vaughn (Team Impact) 5’8 G

Vaughn is a sharp shooting guard that gets to her spots and can knock down the three-ball. She moves very well off ball getting around screens and setting her feet before shooting. She also plays with patience only taking high percentage shots. Vaugh connected on five trey-balls en route to 15 points over Tamaqua. Vaughn took what the defense gave her not forcing much. Defensively she was able to guard multiple positions and was most vocal. Vaughn has the ability to an all around player and has a heigh ceiling.

Johanna Mills (717 Hoop Dreams) 5’9 F

Mills has some untapped potential for a player only entering the 10th grade. This freshman put on a show all tournament, with multiple scoring outputs of 10+ points. Mills was attacking the basket at will and got to the line frequently. Standing at 5’9, Mills can post up smaller players and beat bigs off the dribble while also spacing the floor with nice form. Mills was recognized by tournament staff as one of the best players in all of the girls divisions regardless of class.

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